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Uniqueness within familiar techniques –

My Innovative and Visionary Perspective

In my works, I merge Pop Art, graphic design, and photography into my oil paintings. I have developed my own technique, known as Posterization in digital image processing, where I manipulate and simplify the colors and contrasts of my photographic templates. Using these templates as a foundation, I recreate the images on canvas with oil paints. Through my art, I capture the external beauty of female celebrities and models while also revealing that, in reality, they are not as perfect as they may seem.

I incorporate characteristic elements of Pop Art, an art movement that originated in the 1950s in Britain and later gained popularity in the United States. Some of my artworks are reinterpretations or reproductions of well-known artists, but each piece is distinguished by its unique technique and color palette. Like Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, I create simplified representations of reality and experiment with oil painting, both by reusing classical techniques and inventing new combinations.

My artworks have a modern and appealing quality thanks to my fresh and individual style. Photographic portraits of female celebrities and Hollywood icons serve as inspiration for my new series, "Beauties." By combining and varying these subjects, I have developed my own artistic genre. Colors have the ability to evoke moods, feelings, and emotions in art as well as in our daily lives. The psychological effects of color on our subconscious can vary depending on our culture and personal state of mind. Many abstract painters, such as Kandinsky, have studied and confirmed the power of color and form in the early 20th century.

My paintings display harmonious and fluid color transitions achieved through color reduction and separation techniques. They communicate on a visual level and evoke emotions in the viewer. Despite the use of strong contrasts, the colors and flowing contours come together to create a warm and comforting fusion.

In my series, "The Beauties," I play with perspectives and viewpoints. When viewed from a distance, the bright portraits portray perfection and beauty. However, as one gets closer, imperfections become apparent, such as abrupt transitions between color surfaces or areas of the skin painted in unconventional colors like purple, dark green, or blue. This mirrors our daily lives, where marketing and advertisements, whether in physical or online form through social media, often present celebrities and models by concealing their imperfections. In reality, it is the distance created by the medium that constructs this illusion. I aim to dismantle the myth of perfect beauty and shed light on the forgotten reality. This artistic statement sets me apart from my predecessors.

My talent, curiosity, and hardworking nature are all integral to my artistic vision. I am deeply rooted in my passion for art, which has led me to create truly unique and innovative paintings.


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