Ina Dederer, a painter with Russian roots, spent her childhood in the northern German city of Bremen before moving to Zollikon in Zurich, Switzerland in 2007. Her drawings and oil paintings were exhibited and presented in earlier years, during her days at the art institute where she was enrolled. Today, this internationally-active artist continues to work in her studios in Spain, Monaco and Switzerland.


Inspired by her many travels to world museums and always on the lookout for creative new techniques, Ina creates works whose themes are the beauty of human evolution, the grace of nature and the art of great masters. Through some of her works, she reminds us that absolute perfection, in the human sense of the word, does not exist in reality.


Ina Dederer was born on 1st November in Russia.


Her family moved to Germany, Bremen. Already during her childhood, Ina Dederer developed a strong interest in painting.


Ina Dederer studied at the Art and Design School in Bremen with specialization in art, art history and fashion. Additionally she took private classes in oil painting and drawing.


Education in Marketing and Business in Bremen. During her training period, Ina Dederer continued to expand her knowledge of contemporary art. She attended seminars, workshops and classes at the Weserburg Museum in Bremen.


Ina moved to Zollikon, Zurich, Switzerland. During these years, she worked for Swiss International Airlines. As a flight attendant she enjoyed the opportunity to of travel and visit art exhibitions and institutions around the world. This life experience enhanced her knowledge of the international contemporary art scene.


Ina Dederer attended Christies Education Hong Kong about “Chinese Modern Painting” and dedicated herself to a study of Pablo Picasso’s artworks.


These years represent a highly creative phase for Ina Dederer and brought about the exhibition entitled “Abstract” in the Spanish Villa St. Stefano in Valencia, which was highly successful and lead to further exhibitions.


Opening of the Gallery INA DEDERER & FRIENDS in the center of Zurich. Her new exclusive location is a meeting point for zeitgeist and art. She exhibits local and international artists.


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